Help Kyan Get Adopted

I have a project for all of my lovely readers...

Meet Kyan.

 Three year-old Kyan lives in an orphanage in China. He lives with a heart defect. He has already gone through one surgery alone, with no
Baba and Mama to comfort him. And he continues to suffer alone.

I can think of nothing that would make me happier then to know he has a forever family coming for him.
That's where you come in.
Before Kyan's forever family can come for him, they have to find him. And for them to find him, his story needs to be shared. Will you help him? Could you share his story on your blog and on your social media? Could you print up his picture and story and put them on your fridge, so praying for him can be a family project and so visitors to your home can see him, too.
 I'm also willing to guest post about him on your blog.
You could be making a difference in the life of one child. A child who is so worth it.
Thank you!
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 Updated pictures received 7/6/2015

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Help Kyan Get Adopted

Help Kyan Get Adopted
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  1. He's adorable! We adopted from China also. In 2012. He's awesome. I hope y'all get this little boy soon! :)

    1. I'd have to agree with you! He's pretty cute. :) Oh, that's awesome! I love reading adoption stories! We're not actually adopting Kyan {although I would love to have him for my little brother if I could talk my parents into it}. I'm just advocating for him so a family can find him and adopt him. He's currently living in an orphanage in China. I just got updated pictures from his agency this week and am excited to post them on here. :)


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