Sunday, November 20, 2016

Moving On (11/20/2016)

So tomorrow we begin to move out of my home of eight and a half years. It's very strange, and I'm not sure how I feel about it, so I'm not going to go into that now, but I thought it would be fun to post some of the pictures from all the years we've lived in our little country home.
Winter 2008. WE GOT SNOW!!!!!!! You guys probably don't realize what a big deal that is here, and we got a few feet!
We went on a little walk. You can't tell from this picture, but most of the time Levi could hardly walk because the snow was deep on him.
Our little house in  the snowy "wilderness".

This was on my 8th birthday. :)
My first time cooking a big dinner; I made chicken pot pie! It took forever, it seemed, though. :)
 Bonfire party, Spring 2009. We had a guys vs. girls contest to see who could get their fire going first, and the girls won!
2008 (9?) Hanging out by the fire. :)
2009. The homeschool co-op meets at the Taft's house!
Natalie's birthday, May 4, 2010. Hanging out with the nieces and nephews in the tent we made.
Our puppy, Dallas, and me. December 2010
 We had a mini photo-shoot. December 2011

 My mom, sisters, and me. November (?) 2012
 Brandi, Natalie, and me. Christmas Eve, 2012.
 After school walk. 2012, or 2013.
My 13th birthday. Natalie made my cake!
Playing in the woods! Fall 2013
Christmas Eve 2013, with (some of) the nieces and nephews.
Thanksgiving 2015.
Our living room on Christmas morning 2015.

 Our New Years party! January 1, 2016.

An extra choir practice at our house. Working on Chim Cheree! March 2016.

 My 16th birthday party. We contra danced in the backyard. :)
My best friend visited from out of state. We did a little photo shoot in the yard. July 2016
Party in the kitchen! September 2016.

Tea party with two of my nieces on their last visit here. November 18, 2016
Ok, so that was more pictures than I planned on....but I guess that happens when you live in a place for a long time.
Thanks for bearing with me....and if you didn't, well, thanks for trying. XD
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  1. wowow..I don't think I could move :P We've been living at my home for almost 12 years now!! *feels like crying*

    llooooovveee the photos tho! <3

  2. I remember that snow, oh my gosh it was the best thing ever!!
    Praying that this move goes smoothly and you will feel God's peace in it all <3

  3. Thanks for sharing those photos. Good luck with your move. Wishing you and yours a happy and blessed life in your new home. HappyThanksgiving.

  4. I was born in this house and I don't think I could ever leave until when I move out. I know you must be so sad!
    I loved all the pictures! Thanks for sharing!


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