Sunday, October 2, 2016

Catching Up

Greetings to all  my kindred spirits! (Those who are of the race that knows Joseph, if you prefer).
I was looking back, and I noticed that my last post was on September 6th, and I decided it's time to update this thing. :)
My life tends to go in "clumps"; a month or two that have a similar feel to them, and then the next month goes into a new set. My memories are sort of grouped into these sets; for example, last December and January are a clump, and February and March are a clump. All that to say, since my last post, I left my previous season and moved into a new one.

On September 7, we had assembly day to start the new school year, followed by youth group starting up again that evening. The following Friday (September 9) we had a lakeside party to kick of the start of choir practices.
  I kind of had mixed feelings about going back to everything--hope that it would be a better year, fear that it wouldn't.
So far, all I can say is that it's been different.
Different as far as who I end up hanging out with the most.
Different as far as how my classes are going.
Different schedules--needing to be out the door by 7:15 in the morning. That's a killer for me!
Different house. We have our house on the market and are hoping to move into town by Christmas.
I'm on chapel team at school this year.
New faces at school and in choir.
New job.
New book; I read the Iliad for one of my classes
Facing the fact that someday I have to die.
Dealing with the messed up world in which I live.
Seeing my "unbiological" family four days out of the week, and spending the night with them to help get ready for a birthday party.
Having friends over night, binge watching Narnia, and staying up till four in the morning.
Wearing our bathrobes to choir along with some of the other girls
I have different classes, but I still have the same teacher
I am doing Great Books again, but this year we are focusing on ancient literature
Honestly, I'm just not sure what to think yet. All I know is that it's different than last year, emotionally and in every other way.
Forgive my rambling please; I'm afraid my thoughts have been sort of a jumbled mess lately, too hard for even me to weed through properly. But writing them out does help. :)
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  1. I so feel you on the different. This past month has been so very different. Not bad, just not what I'm use to.

    I've been struggling with so much fear the last few days. It's really bugging me too, because I know I should be trusting the Lord and not fearing earthly things, but I am.

    Memories, memories are the best.

    I just really liked this.

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I feel the same way too, but not as much as I used to. One night, when I was reading my favorite book about a year ago, I got this urge to open my Bible... The page i accidentally flipped to was Psalms 37. The verse read,
      1. Do not fret because of those who are evil
      or be envious of those who do wrong;
      2 for like the grass they will soon wither,
      like green plants they will soon die away.

      That verse really helps me when I get stressed by the world around me or anything that is getting too crazy. The rest of 37 is really good too, but that verse has stuck with me. Along with verses 8 and 9 of that chapter. Stay strong in the Lord, no matter what the world throws at you!

      Allie Taylor

  2. There's been so many different things this year, I can't get used to it yet. So I totally get this. <3

  3. Hi Christine! Ironic, aint it... "Hearing from you is the highlight of my day. :)" I don't know whether I should be insulted or not... I thought visiting my baby sister Hana was ALWAYS the highlight of your day... JK! Anyway, on to what I was SUPPOSED To be commenting about... You were tagged for the The Game Of A Matter Of Life And Death over at my blog. It's just a little game that I am hosting, and I tagged you and one other girl for it!!! Here is the link!


Hearing from you is the highlight of my day. :)