Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Summer Trips--Spokane and Silver Lake

Hey, Guys! I just realized that with school starting this week, I'm running out of time to record our summer trips on this blog, so I'm writing about two on this post; our trip to Spokane for our family reunion, and our camping trip at Silver Lake.
Since we arrived at my uncle and aunt's house on Wednesday, and the reunion was not till Saturday, we had a couple of days to fill in. :)
On Thursday, we all headed out to the water park. Since my cousin and her husband and baby were going, as well as my older sister and her family, we decided to go the water park that was more kid friendly. We were told that it would also include a section that would appeal more to the rest of us, but when we got there we discovered it was completely a kid's water park. However, my nieces Alahna, and Hailee, were not going to allow me to just sit still and not partake in the water fun. The pulled me right in, and I found I had lots of fun hanging out with them. Just goes to show that if you look for the enjoyment in a disappointing situation, you can often find it. :)
This is me and my youngest nephew, Tucker, at the water park. :)
I hadn't actually read The Giver yet, so when my aunt found I needed reading material, she handed it to me to read. I enjoyed curling it up and reading it after we got back before Brandi and family and my cousin and family came for dinner. :)
Dinner time! I have a crazy family. ;)
 Tucker and me, again. Look at those eyes!!!!

 Playing with my three year old nephew, Cooper.
On Friday, we baked, made multiple trips to the park, and got to see Papa and Grandma (Mom's parents) for the first time since 2011. It was so wonderful to get to spend time with them again! Natalie, Tim, and I enjoyed hanging out in the kitchen while Papa made us laugh, like usual, and I  got to spend good time chatting with Grandma.
In the evening, a few more people arrived, and we enjoyed dinner together. However....
It was on Saturday, that the droves of people descended up on us....
We spent the day in playing games, making trips to the park, talking, eating, and of course, I sneaked away a couple of times in search of a few minutes of introvert time. ;)
 All of the cousins who could make it, my siblings, and my Papa and Grandma. :)
This is me with my cousin, Abby. :)
Of course, we had to get our pictures taken with Papa and Grandma before we left on Sunday. :)
On the way home; we thought it was funny how before the pass, it was all sunny and bright out. As soon as we crossed it to "our side", it was cloudy and wet out. "We're home" we joked. :)
I applogize for how lengthy this post already is; I'll keep the next trip section to a minimum.
My good friend, Elizabeth, already wrote an amazing post on the trip. I suggest you read her post for more details, and I'll just throw in a few pictures of my own.
 We went camping with Elizabeth and her family a few weeks ago; our campsite was by Silver Lake, and we also drove up to Artist Point. It was gorgeous! I had so much fun, even on the cold day, because we got to go in Elizabeth's trailer, play card games, eat chocolate, and watch Sense and Sensibility. It was really fun! :)
 Breathtaking Artist Point......
I believe Natalie took this picture.

Elizabeth and me on the dock at Silver Lake. :)

Natalie, Elizabeth, and me at Artist Point.
Dad kayaking at Silver Lake

Natalie and me at our campsite.
 Well, now I've blogged our two trips! I apologize once again for the length of this post, and the picture overload. :)
 Where did you go this summer?
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