Monday, August 29, 2016

Study Traditions

Hey, all! With school starting up again, thoughts on studying, organization, and efficiency are of course on the forefront of my mind. As I was thinking through ways to improve my studying, I thought it would be fun to post some of the ways I've tried that help make my studying a bit less painful.
This is not really a post full of tips on ways to help you study, but simply a post describing the funny little study quirks I have.
#1--Hot Drinks
Personally, I hate sitting still and studying for any long length of time without something to sip or nibble on. Generally, I go for hot drinks, because I love the comforting feel of wrapping my hands around them. In the mornings, I usually drink coffee; in the afternoons and evenings it's often tea. Once in a while, I'll indulge myself and buy a box of hot chocolate, and then carefully ration out the packets. One of my favorite uses for hot chocolate is when I come home from youth group and still have homework to complete; it's comforting for me to have it when I must work, but really want to sleep. Apple cider is great, too, but I'm rarely able to obtain it. :(
#2--No late nights
Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who can stay up late to complete a homework assignment, which means I can't procrastinate and must get it done ahead of time. If I try to work past ten thirty --eleven on a good night-- I kind of become a mess, and don't get anything done anyway. So I almost always work no later than nine thirty, and save the rest of the evening for relaxation.
I love music. And I'm one of those lucky people who is able to simultaneously listen to it and study. Sometimes I choose classical music, but I also pick music that I can sing along to and tap my feet with. Thankfully, I am not like my dad in this way; he, on the other hand, can't even stand the ticking of the clock when he is trying to get something done. For me, music can take the edge off the pain. Usually, I can listen to music unless I'm reading. This year, I'm also planning on listening to some of the songs from the Harry Potter soundtrack, so I can feel like I'm at Hogwarts. ;)
(Sorry I couldn't find a better picture!)
Now, don't laugh at me when you get to this one, but when I'm completing math problems, or answering my science review questions, I love to watch a little TV. Although, it is always something I've seen before, so that I'm not also trying to keep up with the plot of the show. My "homework shows" are usually Road to Avonlea, BBC Merlin, Full House, and I love Lucy. Occasionally, I might watch Doctor Who or Once Upon a Time, as well. It is a nice noise in the background, and something I enjoy looking up at every now and then after finishing an answer.
#5--Study Groups
It is very helpful for me to occasionally get a group of friends together on Saturdays to go over the homework assignments and help each other out; especially in science! We work together for a couple hours, and then make time for a bit of fun. It's a win-win. :)
There, in summary, are my study traditions.
What are some of yours?
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  1. These are all so great!
    Listening to the Harry Potter soundtrack is so creative so you can think you are studying at Hogwarts! The imagination is really great for things like studying, and can really take off the stress:) Great tips, Christine! I always love reading your posts!<3

    1. Imagination really is the key to surviving the school year, isn't it? XD
      Awww, thanks, Clara! I love your blog, too. <3

  2. I'm with you on the hot drinks and music! Unfortunately though, I usually end up studying later at night...part of which is my fault because I'm really good at procrastinating. :P

    1. I understand; I procrastinate enough that if I had the physical ability to study late at night, I would. But I've learned that it's useless for me to even try to study late at night. :P

  3. Christine, I'm laughing because we basically have the same study habits! TV, music, and food are a must when it comes to getting homework done. This is too great.


  4. Great!!!! Road to Avonlea and I Love Lucy are so awesome!!!!!!!


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