Friday, July 8, 2016


It was a typical Wednesday night, back in winter time. I was volunteering with the second grade sparks in the AWANA at my church. My little brothers were off in their age groups, my dad was in his adult class, and my other brother was in the smaller building for youth group. We went through the usual opening time, verse study, and game time, before heading to story time. During these last fifteen minutes of story time, I wasn't needed, and was going to head down to the youth center to say hello to friends were visiting my youth group for one of their first times. In answer to my niece's questioning look, I whispered, "I'm going out for a bit. I'll be back in time to walk you guys down to your mom." She nodded, and I quietly left the room, then hurried down the two flights of stairs, out the door, and across the parking lot to the youth center. Peeking through the window, I could see they hadn't broken out of their discussion groups yet, so I slid down against the wall outside of the building to wait a couple more minutes. As soon as I could see the discussion time was up, I went in and found my friends in the kitchen area. We exchanged greetings, and made our way to the main area of the small building. One of our friends had gathered quite a crowd around him as he pounded out the theme to Pirates of the Caribbean.
"Show off, " grinned one of my friends. "Just wait till I finish learning this song, and can play the chords correctly..."
I laughed. "Hey, could you tell me what time it is? I only have a bit, then I have to go get my brothers and Brandi's kids out of their classes."
"Yeah, but you really need to get a watch."
"It's not my fault I share a phone with my sister!"
Just then I glanced out the open door of the youth center, and saw an emergency vehicle drive past. My throat went dry. "Did you see that?"
And then it was back again.
My first thought was that something must have happened in the big church building. Something was wrong. My brothers were in there, my dad was in there, my nieces and nephew were in there...
We all started to make our way to the door. One of the leaders stopped us, though, telling us it was alright. This was just a precaution more than anything. I couldn't tell if she was being truthful, though, or just trying to keep us inside. I still worried.
Eventually I learned it was for one of the kids in the youth center, and the leaders said he'd be okay. I watched them put him on a stretcher. Even as I breathed a prayer for him, I couldn't help but feel a guilty sense of relief. My family was fine.
With a jolt, I realized what time it was, and with a hurried goodbye to my friends, made my way up to the big building, feeling grateful I could still pick up my brothers, Noah and Levi, and my nieces and nephew, Kyran, Alahna, and Hailee. When I got there, they were already waiting, clustered in the hallway. "Chrissie!" said Noah. "You're late! I could see what was happening by the youth center from the window, and I was so worried about you guys. One of the other boys was making fun of the whole thing, though..."
I hugged him, and the others, and we made our way back down to meet my big sister and my dad.
Just like any other Wednesday night.
I am so blessed.
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  1. That's such a terrifying experience! I'm so glad your family was okay!

  2. I'm glad your family members were alright. It's hard not to have those thoughts straight away, when something like that happens- the question, but are my loved ones okay?
    We are indeed blessed and watched over by a mighty God.


    1. I agree. My mind still went straight there, even the positioning of the vehicle didn't make sense for something to be happening in the other building. I was so glad they were ok!
      Yes, we are. :)

  3. That must have been really scary. Not knowing if your loved ones are alright is the worst.
    I really enjoy your blog. The design is beautiful and I like the way you write. New follower!

    1. Yes, it was. And yes, it is. :(
      Thank you so much ! You made my day! Do you have a blog? If so, could you post the link? Thanks!


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