Friday, June 17, 2016

Rising Authors Tag

My fabulous "little sis", Allie tagged me for the new tag she just invented. Thanks, Allie! Everyone, be sure to check out her blog @ The Depth of My Faith
Here are the rules:
Go and write a post thanking the person who tagged you
 Include the tag,  the 11 questions the person who tagged you asked and your answers
Include a brief one of your writings (around 150 words) if possible
Then, at the end of the post make up 11 new questions,
Tag a few friends who enjoy writing
Here are my answers to Allie's questions:
What is your favorite type of writing style?
Hmmm. I don't really know; I really like C.S. Lewis's style, in case any of you didn't know it. I'm not super attached to one style or another, as long as the story itself is worth reading.
When did you write your first piece?
I'm not exactly sure. I think I was about 7, but it was just a little handwritten story about the uninteresting me, although I thought back then that it was epic. ;)
Have you been published?
No. As of yet, I haven't even completed a story.
Is writing a career or hobby for you?
A hobby. I would be interested in making it a career, but at this point in time my writer's block is still so bad I really can't see that happening.
Some writers can write no matter where they are… Can you?
Yes. And no. I can handle noise, but I can't stand having people watch me while I write.
If you have a “Inspiration Spot” where is it?
My bed, I guess. :)
Do you sometimes become attached to your characters?
Sometimes; usually, I write a character with the intention of getting attached to him or her
If and when you do, is it hard to kill them off?
To be honest, no. I'm actually one of those scary writers who really loves killing off characters. I love writing the more dramatic material.
Do your do most of your writing on the computer or my hand?
On the computer. I can't stand to write by hand, because my hand can't keep up with my brain, and then I get frustrated.
Can you describe five characters from a few of your stories? (Or one, due to lack of material.)
And finally, what called you to writing?
Well, forgive the cheesiness, as I don't have any current stories I'm working on, but here are a few of the characters from when I was younger. One was Emily; she was a young girl in the 1800s who was forced to run away with her little sister from their father. (Back when I wrote most of my stories, I was dying to have a little sister, so I almost always give my characters one.) Another character was a  boy named Dietrich, a German boy living during the World War II. In the same book, was a Jewish girl named Shoshanna. (This story was one of my favorites I ever attempted--my sister loved it, too, and I think if I had written it from a more mature and well researched standpoint, I could have actually gotten somewhere with it). There were several other ones I started, but those were some of my big ones.
I don't really know what called me to writing; I don't think there really was anything in particular. I've just always loved doing it.
As for a short writing sample, I don't really currently have one, although I do have several posted on my blog for Monday's Minute Challenge. I will, however, try to also put up the editorial I wrote a couple months ago for school, if you all are interested. :) It's about 300 words, so I don't really want to add it to this post.
Ok, so I'm going to be lazy here and not make up new questions. (Please give me some grace-it's 10:14 at night here, and I'd like to drink a cup of tea and relax a while before going to bed). So just go ahead and answer Allie's awesome questions.
I'm tagging:
 Kara @ Saved by Grace
Elisabeth @ Reflections of the Heart
I was going to tag more of you, but it's been so long since I've been fully immersed in the blogging world, and I'm drawing blanks on who all of my blogging buddies are, and which of you write. Please do go ahead and do this if you are interested! :)


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