Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Few Favorites (6/4/2016)

I thought it would be fun to post some favorites/current things from recently (plus I don't really have anything new to write), so here I go...
reading...Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (and loving it!)
watching...Full House
loving....summer barbeques with friends (I have already gone to three!)
Listening to...."No One Else Knows" -Building 429
"She's Like the Swallow" -folk song
"What Time is It?" -High School Musical (yeah, sue me.)
"Monster" -Skillet
"Stressed Out" -Twenty One Pilots
Looking forward to....the mother/daughter teen Bible study we are starting in about two weeks.
Getting warm fuzzies over....the autographs in my year book and my sweet notebook my kindred spirit, Elisabeth, gave me for my birthday
Feeling happy about...the fact that I FINISHED SCHOOL! "Finally summer's here. Good to be chilling out!"
Loving....this post from the blog Loving Dangerously
Remembering...sweet Kya Bear, who went to be with Jesus two years ago on Thursday
Favorite moments....
...cuddling with my nephews, Cooper and Tucker
Tucker. I can't believe he just turned 7  months old!
....getting a makeover, and then dancing/hanging out with friends at my (surprise) 16th birthday party
...selfies with my "adopted" little sister, Hana, (they are sooo cute! I wish I could post them here) and face swaps with her sisters, Allie and Hailey. barbeque in particular where I got to get to know some girls from school a little better. (Elizabeth @ Whimsical Thoughts and Elissa @ Letters to Jayna, and Elissa's sister, Rachel.) It was lovely getting to spend time with you girls!
....and that's all I got! Thanks for reading! Please bear with me, as I can't edit this, since my laptop is almost out of battery, so apologies for that as well. :)
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  1. Elizabeth from Whimsical Thoughts goes to your SCHOOL?!?!?! That is sooo cool! I've followed her blog some and am going back to look through it again, along with all of the other blogs you posted. ;)

    Aw, you mentioned my little book! Now I have warm fuzzies... ;D

    1. Yes, she does! She is awesome. I went to Winter Jam with her, and if you look at the picture from the dancing, she's down at the end. :)The blogging world is a funny one! She only lives a couple minutes from us--you should meet her when you come! :D

      I love that book! I kind of hate to leave it home whenever I go somewhere. And I don't always! And the shawl makes me feel like I'm getting a hug from you. :)

    2. Yes, I should! Although... what all do we have on our list now? XD
      Awww!!! I love the necklace and scarf you sent me, too! I've been wearing the necklace a lot and honestly, I can't wait until it gets a little colder so I can wear the scarf. I've read your card a couple of times over, too. <3

  2. WOW SOUNDS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE SKILLET (totally love Monster) BUILDING 429 IS AWESOME TOO!!!!!!!!!!! BTW LOVE NARNIA!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how you said 'KINDRED SPIRIT'!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH ANNE OF GREEN GABLES!!!!!!!!! How do you ad music to a blog? (A blogspot blog)
    Ps. How can I subscribe to your blog? Since I am in LOVE with it I think I totally should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Aw, thanks for leaving such a sweet comment!! ❤️ You can follow it through Google Friend Connect (on my sidebar), although I really need to put up a follow by email option again.:P

    2. THANKS!!!! But sorry to say I can't follow it unless it's by email.

    3. How do you ad music to your blog?

  3. It sounds like you had so much fin at your party, Christine! Also, you've been tagged for MMC.

  4. I LOVE GREAT EXPECTATIONS, FULL HOUSE, STRESSED OUT, MONSTER! ALL OF IT! WE ARE LIKE SO SIMILAR, GIRL! Oh and happy 16th birthday, Christine! I'm just about to turn 16 this month as well! Scary, but exciting! <3

    1. Wow, we are really similar! That's awesome! We should become email pals. Thanks for all your sweet comments, Clara!
      Wow! Happy birthday! *throws confetti in the air*
      It is rather freaky, though, I agree. But I also concur with the exciting part! I guess that's just how growing up is. :)


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