Thursday, April 7, 2016

Easter Sunday {3.27.2016}

I know Easter was going on two weeks ago, but I thought I would put up pictures anyway. We had my "second family' over, and it was a really fun day! I wish I had the pictures M got, too, though. :)
By the way, I apologize I haven't really been writing; I know that either I haven't been posting at all, or I've been keeping a virtual scrapbook. I do have ideas for writing, but they're kind of bottled up, so I'm just waiting for a better time.

Baby H and her daddy. Isn't she the cutest? Love her beautiful blue eyes!
M and me. Can you tell it was wet?

Helping the littles in their hunt for eggs.

Noah hunting eggs in the downpour

H and D! <3 p="">

Baby H and D, enjoying hunting in the backyard reserved just for them

The cupcakes one of the girls made. Aren't they amazing? And they were pretty tasty too. :)

Everyone at dinner! (Except for Mom, who was taking the picture)

"Sky Guy". For anyone who remembers, this is the little boy I posted a prayer request about over a year ago when he fell off a ski lift. He's doing so well now!

 It was such a wonderful day celebrating our risen Savior! How did you spend it? :)
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