Sunday, February 28, 2016

Snow After All // Winter Retreat 2016

This weekend, my sister, Natalie, brother, Tim, and I went on our youth group's winter retreat. It was super fun! We got to go up on the mountain and play in the snow, which was really awesome because we don't have any snow at our house this year.
We took lots of pictures, but they are mostly selfies because all we had is our phone.  Also, I'm going to apologize in advance that these are mostly group pictures, but it's what we had, and I want to be able to record all of these details and memories on my blog to have years from now. :)
 My mom took this picture when she dropped us off at the youth center; we took vans from there to the camp.
On the way to the camp, we stopped at the mall to get dinner. This is our table. Most of the time, we hung out with friends from school.

Photo credit for this one goes to our youth pastor. :)
Evan, Me, and Rebecca.
On the first night, we settled into our cabins. The high school girl's cabin was pretty cool. There were winding stairs outside that led to two rooms, the West and East wings; each one was filled with bunk beds. I was in the East room. Downstairs, there was another room with couches and a TV (which we didn't use), two bathrooms, and a kitchen.
After we put our stuff away, everyone met in the chapel for our first session. It was a really good study. There were four sessions, one on the first night, two on Saturday, and one on Sunday before we left. During each session, there was worship, which was very well done and led by some of the youth. After this, our youth pastor would speak for a couple of minutes, and then everyone would go off somewhere by themselves and work on the study for about twenty five minutes. We read through 1st John, marking key words and finding the theme for each chapter. After this time was up, we broke up into small groups. I was in the sophomore group. (Our leaders were awesome!)
After the first session, everyone was again broken  up into groups according to their grade. Except for the seniors, the sophomores were the smallest group, with only four people. Each group was given a few props, and had to make up a skit and perform it for everyone else. Ours was definitely the shortest!
Once the skit was done, we returned to our cabin and prepared for bed. Elizabeth, Becca, Natalie and I were the first into our dormitory, so we lay awake for a while talking and giggling. I think we were getting a bit loopy at this point. XD
The next day, Saturday, we got up and ready for the day, ate breakfast--it was pretty yummy--and had another session. Then it was time to get in our snow clothes and off to the sledding hill!
The pictures don't do it justice. It was gorgeous up there!
It was actually surprisingly hot up there; except for when a sledding adventure went awry, or someone hit us with a snowball, we were really warm.
Becca got hot, and started covering herself with snow--and things just sort of "snowballed' from there. She ended up the ice queen, complete with a throne.
Natalie isn't in this picture because she took it. :)

The sledding part of things went pretty well, although I only used an actual sled about four times. A lot of the time, we just did "body sledding", which was almost safer in my opinion.
Right before we left, one of the leaders suggested that the girls in our "group" sled down on a tube one last time, followed by the guys.
So us four girls hopped onto a sled, trusting our leader to guide us well.
At the bottom of the hill was a ginormous, very solid snowman.
And we slid directly into it.
And the snowman didn't even flinch.
Of course the guys had a perfectly safe, fun trip down.
Alekai says he got footage of us hitting the snowman and is going to edit it to play in slow motion.
 After we got back, we took a "survivors of the snow" picture. Really, though, we were all dying to get back to our cabins and change into dry clothes. :)

Left to right: Evan, Alekai, Eric, Becca, Elizabeth, Me, and Natalie

After we had changed and recovered, we wandered out, and ended up at the park area where a game of freeze tag ensued. I didn't play for very long, though; I was pretty tired at this point.
After the free time was over, we had dinner, followed by another session. Then we watched "The Good Dinosaur" and played Mafia.  After one round, us girls headed back to go to bed. This time, we fell asleep before lights were even turned out.
On Sunday morning, we had breakfast (I know, what a shock!), and another session. Then we packed to head out, and cleaned up our cabins and the chapel.
Natalie and me in the cabin on our last morning
Then we got into the vans to head back to the church, where our parents would pick us up. We sang much of the way, as we had done on the way to the sledding hill.
This picture was supposed to just be the girls, but we got some photo bombers.
Becca and me. :)

Most of the people we hung out with.
All in all, it was an amazing weekend and I'm so glad I went. But it is very good to be home again! :)
Again, I apologize for the long post, but I know that even if no one else does, I will appreciate it later on.
Thank you for reading!
What did you do this weekend? Have you gone on a youth retreat recently?
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  1. Looks like you had an awesome time!<3

  2. You've been nominated! :)

  3. Yyyy!! Looks so much fun!!! Wish I was there :P

    1. It was! Haha, wish you could've gone, too!

  4. it must be so fun to hang out with them. i bet you had an amazing time! those group photos are cute, #squadgoals <3

    1. It is! They are the best. :D We had lots of fun, and yes, we are amazing at taking group selfies! Aww, thanks! Haha. :) Thanks for stopping by!


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