Monday, January 11, 2016

The Sound of Music (1/3/2016)

One week ago yesterday, my parents and I went to Seattle to see a professionally done play of the Sound of Music. We had this outing planned for about a month in advance, so finally getting to go see it was amazing!
My brother hasn't gone to Seattle in a couple of years, so he requested pictures. I got a few, but they were hard to take with just my iPhone...through a car window.

Can you see The Space Needle?

Waiting in line. It was super cold and snowing, but for some reason all I had brought to keep warm was my "Emma Swan" jacket (a red leather jacket). So I was freezing!

It would appear we were photobombed! Perhaps this guy attended Photobombing 101. (Studio C reference)

In the theater; it was gorgeous! Not quite as beautiful as the one we saw The Piano Guys in, of course, but still beautiful.
The play itself was amazing and so well done! A few of the songs were in different places, owing to a limited amount of time and the difficulty of staging certain scenes. So, for example, instead of having Maria sing "My Favorite Things" to the children when they were scared during the thunderstorm, she sang "The Lonely Goatherd". Don't worry, though, " My Favorite Things" was still in the play. ;)
They also added in a few lines. This is one of my favorite conversations they added in.
Brigatta: You said  we put in "one word for every note".
Maria: Yes.
Brigatta: But when you say "a-ny-thing", you are using up three notes on just one word.
Maria: Well...yes, Brigatta, I did. Sometimes, we just do that.
The way the festival scene of the play was done, was brilliant! They turned the audience for the play into the audience attending the concert.
"The first place winners are...The Von Trapp Family Singers!"
*we all clap, somewhat awkwardly as the family doesn't emerge*
"The Von Trapp Family Singers!"
We all clap again, despite knowing they won't come out.
The SS guards call out, "They're gone!"
Huge searchlights flood the theater, causing us to blink, and the guards are heard calling "Stay where you are, everyone!"
All in all, it was an amazing performance, and I hope to attend another one at this theater in future. In the meanwhile, I will look forward to seeing a production of Mary Poppins closer to home in the next couple of months. :)
Had to share a picture; not sure if this is permissible, but if I give credit to The 5th Avenue Theatre's Facebook page, maybe I can get away with it.
Have any of you gone to see a play recently? What did you think of it?
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  1. Awesome! So cool to see pictures from the event you told me about. :)

    1. Lol,if you had FB, you'd have seen them the day of the play! ;)

  2. That is so cool that you were able to go and see the Sound of Music play!! Awesome pictures Christine! :)

  3. Thank you, Shelby! My mom took all of them, except for the ones of Seattle. :) You're an amazing photographer!


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