Sunday, January 24, 2016

Roe v. Wade--January 22, 1973

I realize this post is two days late, but I really wanted to get it up, in spite of being busy with the science fair yesterday and the day before.
Rove. v Wade--1973 to 2016
It's hard for me to comprehend how people not only can be blind to the fact that an unborn child is still a child, but that there are even some who fully realize it, yet still support their murder.
It's sickening.
Children, who are still young and haven't been told how to think on this matter, seem often to instinctively believe it's wrong to kill a baby.
I was babysitting my almost eight year old niece, Kyla, on New Years Eve. I love to sing (as some of you may know), so while I was preparing the baby's bottle, I was singing. The song I was singing was "Lucy" by Skillet, because it was in my head.
I didn't know Kyla was listening to me; eventually she started trying to sing the song, too.
Then she asked me about three times what the song meant.
 I didn't feel like I could ignore her question another time, so I said slowly, "Well, it's about a young guy and girl, and because they didn't think they could take care of a new baby, they killed her little baby before she was born. And then they felt sorry about it, and named her Lucy."
Kyla looked over at her one year old baby sister, Marlee, and said, "That's so sad. That would be so sad if Mommy had killed Marlee before she was born and we never got to hold her."
Kyla adores Marlee, and is the best big sister to her, playing with her, carrying her around the house, singing to her when she is sad. I got Marlee up from her nap once, and Kyla just grabbed her and said over and over again, "Oh, Marlee, you're just so cute! I love you, Marlee!"
I came back a week later to babysit, and to my surprise, after a while Kyla brought the song up again--it really touched her. She sang a line of the song, and then said, "I still remember that song. I want to forget it, though. It makes me so sad. I just makes me so sad to think of babies like Marlee that never get born."
This issue that so many dismiss as a "fundamental woman's right"--it affected my young niece so much she was miserable whenever she thought about it, wanting to forget it.
Shouldn't that be how it makes everyone feel? How are, even those of us who are pro life, so blind that we can go on with our daily life, going days at a time without remembering these snuffed out lives and doing more to stop this from happening? I, too, am included in this.
I want to work towards ending abortion--or even ending the idea of abortion for one person at a time, so one life at a time may be saved.

 “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

"Speak for those who cannot speak; seek justice for all those on the verge of destruction. " -Proverbs 31:8



  1. Christine, its such a blessing to see other teens willing to fight abortion. Abortion is horrible. I can't imagine how anyone could ever kill a sweet, innocent child. LIFE, is truly precious! Your post was truly a blessing to my heart!

    1. I totally get what you're saying. :( Life is really school rents a church building (coincidentally, my church building!) for holding classes, and in the main entry there's a huge sign with a baby's face that says, "Respect life, from conception to natural death." Such a great reminder staring me in the face every time I go!
      Thanks, Clara! <3

  2. Beautiful Christine! Totally agree! :)

  3. Amazing post. I wish that more people would realize that a person is a person, no matter how small.

    1. I agree! I love that quote. :) I actually considered using it in this post...

  4. I just want to thank you for writing this post. I'm so glad that there are other people out there who do care and are willing to fight for innocent lives. :)
    Also, I didn't know you knew that song!

    1. ...and you are one of the top teen fighters against abortion that I know of! :)

      Haha, yes...I listen to a grand total of about two Skillet songs, and that is one of them. :)

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