Friday, January 15, 2016

Hansel and Gretel

I've decided at long last that Hansel and Gretel deserves a more detailed post. So, I decided to sit down this morning and write one up before I lost motivation. :)
It was a truly amazing experience; it was a professional opera, and so it was very cool that they pulled in amateur dancers and singers from the community. I will always be grateful for this amazing opportunity!
I can't describe the excitement and joy on each of the four nights we performed, and even on the dress rehearsal nights, of waiting just behind the curtain, listening to the beautiful voices of Hansel and Gretel. Of filing out in the darkened theater, holding to the hands of those on either side of me, and waiting, eyes closed, for the lights to come back on again and hear Gretel say, "Look! Do you see what I see?" I also loved, on dress rehearsal nights, to spend my free time sitting with fellow chorus members, watching the rehearsal, or joking and laughing while playing Apples to Apples backstage.
We got pictures with the principal cast members, Hansel and Gretel, Mother and Father, and the Dew Fairy, who doubled as the Sandman!
 Natalie and me with Gretel, who was played by Ksenia Popova. She has a gorgeous voice! You can see a clip of her singing in Hansel and Gretel on her website.
All of my children's chorus siblings, except Noah, and me with Hansel and Gretel. The woman who plays Hansel, Sylvia, is super sweet! She came all the way from New York and stayed here for the duration of the practices and performances, meaning she had to be separated from her husband. She really went out of her way to be kind to the chorus members, asking for a picture with all of us and leaving a card for us on opening night, and taking time to talk to us.

All of Taft siblings along with the youngest chorus member who jumped in on the picture, with Father, Mother, and The Dew Fairy/Sandman, (played by Yvette Litchfield). I didn't get as much of a chance to talk to "Father and Mother" and the Dew Fairy, but they were very nice.
Natalie and me with Father.

 Natalie and me with the witch. She was fantastic! So funny, and she did such a great job with her role. Everyone loved her and she got a huge round of applause every night.
 Honestly, I still miss Hansel and Gretel and I still almost don't believe that one week we won't up and have performances on Friday night and Sunday afternoon! It was an amazing two weeks, and I hope to have another opportunity to be on stage soon. :)
We were actually sent a video of the entire performance, which I may have already watched through once or twice, and of course have several times skipped through to see the children's chorus and the witch. ;) Unfortunately, I can't share it here, but if there's anyone here who really loves opera and wouldn't mind the hassle of getting the video to play at the right part, I might be able to send it to you. :)
When we cannot bear our grief, then the Lord will send relief!
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    1. I shall send it to you forthwith, then! :)

  2. I just love theatre! I love making new friendships and dress rehearsal nights as well! Theatre is such a wonderful experience!<3

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