Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy Birthday, Noah!



My middle brother,  Noah, is eleven years old today! 
A few facts about Noah?
He is sweet and loves quality time. (I'm  afraid I don't give him enough of it).
He has the most beautiful, mesmerizing deep brown eyes.
He loves to draw and color.
Since he was born just three days after Christmas, I have memories of my sister and me going to the hospital to await his arrival in our bright red Christmas dresses. Papa and Grandma came to stay with us. We have footage of Natalie, Tim, and me jumping up and down to try and get enough height to see him through the hospital window.
I remember helping to feed him when he was around a year old; unable to contain my excitement over going on a vacation to see our friends, I poured it all into his patient ears.
I also remember that he's always been a noisemaker; Mom tells us she remembers hearing it get really loud all of a sudden, so she would tell the three older kids to be quiet, only to realize it was the baby in the highchair making all the noise.
I remember his first Christmas; we went to Idaho to see Papa and Grandma. We have the sweetest pictures of him and Papa from that time. (Although, he's always been partial to Grandma, because she prepared him a special treat and carefully fed it to him when we went to see them after he got his tonsils removed and couldn't eat solid food for a while).
Today, we surprised him and had his friend, Tim, over for the day. It was so funny to see his reaction! He got that huge grin that is unique only to him. :)
Happy birthday, Noah! I love you!
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  1. Happy Birthday to your brother! This was a very sweet post!<3

  2. Happy birthday, Noah!

    - Ellie

  3. Happy birthday, Noah! I can't wait to Skype Christine again so we can make faces at each in the background. ;)

  4. Christine, can you post the footage that you were talking about?


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