Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dear C

Dear C,
I know life is tough for you right now, and I know you must be feeling conflicting emotions of anger, confusion, and just sadness.
I know I don't see much of you anymore, but I want you to know I think about you all the time. You are still a part of our family.
How could you not be, after...
the nights sitting in your kitchen laughing as we sipped hot cocoa from giant dollar store Christmas mugs
the mornings spent playing Uno for hours and hours, laughing as we saved up our color changers only to whip them all out at once, along with all the reverses and skips.
the times we rode our bikes around the pavement until we were breathless and dropped to rest on the bench
all the times we spent the night at each other's houses
Do you remember...
When we first met you, and you were terrified of our little dog, Chloe, and we teased you about it? Remember how you used to run in and jump onto Natalie's bed to avoid Chloe? (It's a good thing you got over it, since we added the big dogs).
Remember when our family went to your house and played on the slip-n-slide?
Remember when we watched Narnia?
Remember how we used to climb up on the stump and take turns jumping off, thinking it was super cool if we both landed on our feet and jumped off the highest part?
Remember when we went out back on the day your little sister was born and played zombies?
Remember your girl's party when we were so young? We were all so dressed up and the babies looked so cute.
Do you remember when our families did Christmas Eves together and it was all controlled craziness?
 There are so many memories, too many to write here, but if you did somehow read this, I hope you would understand what I'm trying to say--
Even if the more "official" bands tying us together as family have dissolved, I can now view you as the family member you are in my heart-a sister.
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