Monday, August 24, 2015

Currently (8/24/2015)

Regretting...that I haven't posted on here in well over a month.
Waiting...for my dad to return from the vet with a sick puppy to find out what's wrong with him.
Thankful....that the smoke in our area has cleared up. (Apparently I'm extremely sensitive to smoke-being outside for just a bit made me rather sick. However, our friends on the eastern side of our state have it far worse.)
Watching....a show from Sullivan entertainment, the company that made Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea, called Wind at My Back. friend's minion birthday party on Saturday.
The minion-loving brother would have gone crazy.
Feeling....nervous about starting school soon.
Listening.... to this beautiful song.

Enjoying...the book nook my sister set up in our new room.
I've spent hours reading here.
Loving....the sweet 11 puppies we have in our home now!
Deciding....that this post is too long now and I should end it.
I hope you all are making the best of the last golden days of summer!
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  1. YAY! I'M SO SO SO SO GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK CHRISTINE! This blog is one of my favorites ever! You do such a great job, girl! :) Great post! The puppies are so cute!

    1. Aww thank you, Clara! You have no idea how big you made me smile. I love your blog, too!:) And yes, they are...just the sweetest and growing like crazy. <3

  2. I was SO happy to see a post from you! It's always amazing to see what's going on in your life. =) Those puppies are adorable by the way!

    1. Thank you so much, Kara! I love reading your posts. :) They really are. They will be 2 weeks old tomorrow and they've grown so much. We're going to have our hands full. @-)

  3. That chair looks so comfy. I need one of those! Those puppies are so cute! And that cake looks.......DELICIOUS! Glad to see a post from you!
    P.S. It'd be awesome if you could enter in my giveaway for a bag from Etsy.

    1. It is!! But I'll tell you a (not really) secret-it's just two ottomans stuck together and covered with pillows. XD I didn't actually try the cake-I had a cupcake-but I'm sure it was indeed delicious. :)

      Thank you! I will take a look at the giveaway.

  4. Great post! That reading corner looks so cozy!

    1. Thank you, Kathryn! And it is very cozy. My sister set it up and I can't thank her enough. :)

  5. Aww! Dearest Christine...those puppies are too precious for words! And I do hope the little one is alright? Aren't pets such a delight...? *Smiles* I love your book nook...perfect for spending happy hours in another wonderful world! When I read, I really do feel as if I am transported somewhere else...hee! A lovely post, dear...hugs and much love to you!


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