Friday, July 10, 2015

A Little Boy Still Waits...

Do you remember this little boy? The little orphan named Kyan who unknowingly made his way into my heart and has acquired a place at the top of my blog?
He's still waiting in a Chinese orphanage for his second family, his forever family, to find him and bring him home as their son.
Last week, I decided that I needed to get as much information on him as I can so we can find his family. I contacted his agency, and guess what came into my inbox on Monday?
Three updated pictures!
Don't laugh at me, but I keep coming back to stare at them. I have posted about 13 waiting children from Ethiopia, China, India, and the Ukraine on my advocacy blog, and have seen pictures of so many others, but for some reason, Kyan is the one that has truly gotten a hold of my heart. 
Look at this picture of him "playing" the piano. So much cuteness! We have a picture of my sister Natalie doing that when she was little. I showed my mom this picture and said he belongs in our family. She just rolled her eyes. ;)
So again, I'm asking you...
Will you share his story? Will you help him come home to a loving forever family? Will you pray for him? Could you put one of the blog buttons at the bottom of this post on your blog?
Here is his information. {Unfortunately, I do not have any newer information. }
"Precious Kyan is 3 years old and is designated as special focus on Lifeline’s individual list. His special needs are listed as CHD (PVA, VSD, ASD), post-op CHD (right B-T shunt operation + PDA ligation), and cardiac insufficiency.
Sweet Kyan has some heart melting eyes! When the caretakers call his name he turns to them with arms out to ask for cuddles. Kyan likes to laugh out loud when he is happy. He is described by his caretakers as being active and lovely."
Any one who wants more information on this precious little boy should contact Lifeline.
Thank you so much for reading and letting him into your heart!
Here are his blog buttons. It would mean a lot if you put one on your blog. {Thank you very much for doing so, Simi!}
Help Kyan Get Adopted
Help Kyan Get Adopted
Love in Christ,
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

MMC (7/6/2015)

The biting October wind whistled through the broken window of my gray Honda Civic. I shivered and pulled my coat up around my shoulders, glancing nervously in the rearview mirror to insure I wasn’t being followed, and pulled slowly into the parking lot of Starbucks. Turning off the engine, I slid out of the car, careful to lock it behind me before pocketing the key.  Nervously, I strode towards the building, keeping an eye out for the tall, dark haired man I had been warned about. I pulled the door open and slipped into the cozy coffee shop.
It took me only a few seconds to locate the pair I was to meet. The woman, who possessed blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes, looked up and saw me, offering a nod in confirmation. Trying to appear as though I was casually meeting up with some friends, I approached the couple, sliding into the seat across from them.
“Burkett, is it?” responded the man. “We got you a coffee. Hope you like mochas.”
I nodded my thanks, although coffee didn’t seem very important to me at the moment.
The woman leaned forward confidentially. “So, what do you know?”
Speaking as quietly as I could, I filled them in.
“And that’s all I know,” I concluded eventually.
“Thank you, Burkett,” said the woman sweetly. “You’ve been most helpful. We should be going now. Enjoy your coffee.”
Together, she and her companion slid out of the booth, leaving me to finish my drink. I was feeling pretty good about myself, having accomplished my mission, until I drained the white cup of the liquid it held and beheld the message at the bottom.
You’ve been poisoned.
"They can’t do that," I told myself. But they could. Of course they could...and they did.

299 words. I used the picture and sentence prompts.
Thanks to Tessa Emily for hosting these!
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Monday, July 6, 2015

A Weekend in July

Hi everyone! I apologize for slacking off on posting and commenting on your blogs. I've been very busy all weekend, but I have been reading most of your posts. It was very fun reading about what you all did for the 4th of July!
Some friends of ours, the Wilsons, arrived from out of town on Thursday evening and stayed at our house until just this morning. It was very fun! We hung out, barbecuing, going to the water, and watching Doctor Who. {They're hooked now.}
I hope you're all prepared for a picture overload...;)
Friday: The Beach
On Friday, we all went down to the beach, along with my sister Brandi and her kids and the Wilson's sister, Brittney, and her husband and adorable baby boy. The waves were amazing and so fun! I'm not really in any of these pictures, because I was either too far out in the water for the camera, or I was over at the lake. But trust me, I was there! I even have a sunburn to prove it. :)
Levi and a few of Brandi's kids, waiting for the wave to roll in.

This picture is so sweet! Hailee holding onto Levi's arm while waiting for the wave.

These two are best pals!


I love how in this picture it looks like Alahna, Levi, and Kyran are dancing in the water.
Little Cooper. I can't get enough of this little guy!


Friday Evening: Barbeque
After the beach, we all went home and washed off and Brittney and Jacob and their baby came for a barbeque. Baby Nate was very entertaining!

Nate's eyes are so blue!

 The 4th of July
For the 4th, we went to our friend's first, although we only stayed for an hour and don't have any pictures. It was very fun to see a few people we hadn't seen in a while, though!
From there, we went to our friend's, Don and Janet's, house where we were completely spoiled, with delicious food {including ice cream!}, trips to see the beautiful water, a ride on the Ferris Wheel {which those sweet people paid for!} and a wonderful fireworks show.
Noah and Levi enjoying a ride on the dragon roller coaster.
Waiting in line for the Ferris Wheel.
We were SOOOOO frightened of this extremely dangerous ride! ;)
Gotta love +Natalie Taft's crying face.
I seriously can't get enough of pictures of Ferris Wheels though! Call me strange if you want.

Down by the water, at the fireworks display. Obviously, pictures don't do it justice, but here they are just the same.

Evening Entertainment: Doctor Who
Here is just a random picture of us watching Doctor Who with the Wilsons in the evenings. We did this three of the four nights they were here!
I have a special post and hopefully another Monday's Minute Challenge coming up soon so stay tuned!
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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

MMC (6/24/15)

I wrote this for Monday's Minute Challenge about a week ago, but I didn't post it for quiet a while because I was trying to get the word count down to 300. I didn't succeed, but I'm going to post it anyway. I hope you like it and please note it was better before I had to take some of the descriptions and such out of it to lower the word count. :)
Her bright red cape stood out in even in the darkness of the night as she moved swiftly over the bridge, glancing around with each step she took. Please be here. I can’t wait. She pleaded inwardly, the changing shadows alerting her to how long she had been gone.  She tried to run, but the basket in her arms prohibited her from really doing so.
There stood the tree marking their greeting place, but no Freda waited there.
She sank to her knees, exhausted and disheartened, under the tree’s leafy branches. She couldn’t hide her baby’s existence for one more day.
Lifting the blanket from the bundle in the basket, she stared into her baby’s blue eyes, the same color as the ribbon on her booties.
“What are we going to do?” she whispered.
The baby didn’t seem overly concerned over her fate; she kicked a chubby little leg and gurgled.
But her mother couldn’t afford to waste another moment waiting for her friend. She had to get back, and she had to get back now.
An idea struck her, and she leapt to her feet, her searching eyes falling on a small stick a few paces away. She retrieved it and again bent down next to her little girl.
Putting both hands on the stick, she painstakingly began to move it through the clay-like earth, her thin arms shaking with the effort of the simple task.
Soon, she stood up, glancing down at her work. With a small nod, she picked up her baby, kissing her forehead and whispering words of love in her little ears.
Then, tears streaming down her cheeks, she replaced her in the basket, tucking the blanket securely under her chin.
And walked away.
When Freda appeared a half an hour later, she was greeted by the baby and a simple word written in the earth.

312 words. I used the items prompt.
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