Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Throwback Tuesday

I can hear you all screaming because I'm doing Throwback Tuesday instead of Thursday. I am sorry for this sacrilege! I just don't know if I'll have time for this on Thursday, so forgive me.
Anyway, I still have blogger's block right now, so I thought I'd share SEVERAL old photos with you. because I'm one of those people who, for the most part, is not too shy about sharing younger photos of myself. So here you go!
All six of my siblings and me in the fall of 2007.
Left to right: Noah, Natalie, Me, Heidi, Levi, Brandi, and Tim.

Baby Levi. Why did he have get older? :(

Papa and little Levi in 2006. I haven't seen Papa in two or three years. I miss him!

Levi and our nephew, Kyran. Partners in crime!

Natalie, our friend JoJo and me having a sleepover. Jojo and some of her family members are actually coming to stay at our house for a few days this week.

Jojo's little brother, Silas, and my middle brother Noah in the summer of 2005.

My sisters Brandi and Natalie playing with me in 2003ish. I remember when Brandi and Heidi used to play like this with us on the couch. So strange! Now they both have kids who are older than we were here.
Levi and my niece Hailee in 2013. They have both grown so much in just 2 1/2 years! I remember Hailee used to have the cutest little voice and I just found a video of her at that age. She was so funny!

Levi wearing the suit he received for his 4th birthday, all ready to attend a wedding. I loved that suit and always tried to get him to wear it to church, although he usually didn't cooperate.

My littlest brothers and me in 2013, back when they were little and cute! Haha, I still love them, but it was much easier to be patient when they were younger. I hope you understand what I mean!

My three brothers. Goodness, they were so little! But Levi's still trying to be the center of attention, so some things never change.

My nieces, Alahna and Kyla, who are just two months apart in age, at ballet. They were so cute!
The boys thought we should get these couches!
 My sister Brandi and her little girl. I vividly remember this day. So sweet!
 My nephew Jackson as a baby. I remember carrying him through the yard and feeding him his bottle at this age. Hard to believe he just turned four!

And that wraps up my little throwback! What do you think? Should I post another one sometime?
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  1. Your family is so sweet...Reminds me all the good moments that ihad because of my mom ....You really touched me

    1. I'm so glad to hear that! Did your mom make your childhood really fun? :)

  2. Aw! Love the pics! :)

    I nominated you for the Elysian Award! :D

    1. Double thanks to you, Joy! I saw the post on my kindle and will try to do it soon, hopefully next week. {We have out of town company arriving tomorrow and staying till Monday.}

  3. Ommmmg your siblings are just soooo cuteee :') hahaa. Always smiling and all :D This is good ^.^ Hey by the way, I really love your blog term. ''Everything is blog some'' That's amazing and the blog itself is. I like the nature touch :) And I love the émoticons concept down there :D Great post! Thanks for sharing those amazing cute pictures :)

    1. I think I would have to agree with you there! Although, there are a lot of smiles but there is also, like with any siblings, a good deal of arguing. Thank you! My sister actually thought of the title and I liked it so I used it. And thank you again! My lovely friend Eve designed the blog. I was kind of going for the feel of the surroundings in the BBC show, Merlin. I really like how it turned out. Eve is an amazing designer!
      Haha, I love the emoticons, too! I found a tutorial for how to do it online. I can send it to you, if you want.
      Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment! Do you have a blog I should follow?

  4. Oh yes! I think you should do another post like this sometime. I love looking at pictures, especially of when kids were little and so adorable! :)

    1. Thank you, Ashley! I might do one again. It is very fun to go through old pics of my younger siblings, saying "awww" over every one. :)

  5. Aww you all look so sweet!

  6. Aww, you all are so cute!! I loved this post Christine! :)

    1. Thanks, Shelby! It was really fun to find these old pictures. It brings back so many memories!

  7. Hola! I usually don't tell people when I reply to their comments on my blog but I felt really bad for taking so long and just wanted to let you know that I did. =)
    Lovely post by the way! ♥

    1. Thanks, Kara! I totally understand. :)

  8. Aww these are all cute pictures! I love them! Throwback Thursday is a good idea!


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