Friday, June 26, 2015

Fandom Friday {at Barnes and Noble}

First of all, I'm sorry that my posts are so few and far between right now. Before my break from blogging, I was overflowing with post ideas. But since then, I think I've hit that unfortunate thing called "blogger's block" which we all fear. So please bear with me as I recover and begin to find things to post again. Thank you all for being there!
Now, onwards to....
Fandom Friday!
Last week, after suffering at home with a cold for a week and a half, I was dying to get out of the house. The day before, I literally stomped around the house, nearly hitting the walls, complaining of cabin fever between coughs to my poor brother. So my mom promised to take me somewhere the next day.
Feeling in a bookish mood, I got her to take me to Barnes and Noble for the first time! My sister, Natalie, accompanied us.
It was amazing! I was already freaking out when we first stepped through the door, feeling like I could burst!
Classic books...modern books...  
And then it happened....
Natalie and I stumbled across a Doctor Who display (actually three of them). Like the fangirls we are, we instantly sank to our knees and started chattering and giggling over all the items.
Eventually, I tore myself away from there, realizing prices for most of it was high, and began to look around again. I nearly bought The Book Thief, but decided to borrow it from the library instead, as I didn't have very much money with me.
Then Natalie discovered a Doctor Who book called "Dead of Winter" and we decided to split the cost and buy it.
My ear was beginning to hurt at that point, so I ended up buying a really cool Doctor Who disappearing Tardis mug and going to sit down with a Starbucks drink.
We had a wonderful time, and my mom even got some early Christmas shopping done. (I'm not supposed to know anything about what she got so we'll leave that there.)
My finds...
Dead of Winter
Doctor Who: Dead of WinterDoctor Who: Dead of Winter by James Goss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book! It was very captivating with great plot twists. My only complaints were that it could be a bit confusing at times, and that sometimes earlier on the characters (The Doctor, Amy, and Rory) didn't seem quiet like themselves.

Four stars! I would definitely recommend this book to my Whovian friends

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Natalie really enjoyed it as well, although she keeps freaking out how no matter what angle she looks at the book cover from, it appears that The Doctor continues to stare at her.. :)
Disappearing Tardis Mug
This mug is very cool! True to the title, the Tardis "disappears" when submerged in a hot drink, such as tea or coffee. The Tardis fades out from the London street it sits on (see above picture) and reappears in deep space.
Unfortunately, I don't have a picture where the Tardis is in space, but the above picture shows were it would appear.
In other news, I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and am already hooked. Are you scared yet? ;)
Happy Friday everyone! May the force be with you.
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  1. I love Barnes and Noble! The Book Thief is the best!!!!!!! Its my absolutely favorite book ever! <3 Let me know what you think of it:) I have been suffering from cabin fever to! :)
    Fun post:)

    1. Isn't is amazing? I definitely want to go back, and when I'm not sick. I know I will love The Book Thief! I really liked the movie when I watched it last year and have wanted to read the book ever since. I will definitely let you know what I think. Maybe I'll even do a post about it.:) That's too bad! Cabin fever is the worst, especially when you can't drive and have to wait on family to get you out. :p
      Thank you!

  2. I love The Book Thief, it pretty much destroyed my heart and scattered the pieces. And the Doctor Who mug sounds awesome! :)

    1. I know! The movie already did just that, so I'm nervous thinking about what the book might do. But I'm sure it will be worth it! :) The mug is really cool! When I bought it, I didn't even realize that it had the disappearing Tardis. I just thought it was a Doctor Who mug. It was a pleasant surprise! :)

  3. That mug sounds awesome and so does the shop! Hope you had a great time :)

    1. They both were really cool! I definitely want to go back to Barnes and Noble. Have you ever gone? I had a wonderful time, thank you. :)

    2. I haven't been, no. It sounds fun though :)


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