Thursday, March 12, 2015

Of Lots of Overnighters and a Compassion Change the Story Tour

The past week has been crazy fun! Warning: LONG post ahead!
 On Friday, my niece, Hailee, came to spend the night and my little brother went to spend the night at her house with my older sister. That night, my dad's boss's daughter (ooh, that was fun to write!) and her family came over to discuss arrangements for their four-year-old daughter to start coming to our house a couple of times a week to be homeschooled and hang out. We had a delicious meal, and after was pretty much me and Natalie taking turns playing with their little girl, Vickie Sue. She's a little sweetie. :)
After they left, everyone except for Tim and Noah watched Princess Diaries 2. It was a bit of a late night!
The next day, we took our time rolling out of bed. I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to the living room to watch Road to Avonlea (if you haven't seen this show, I highly recommend it!)
About halfway through the episode, Mom asked me to come to her room. She had been talking to my older sister, Brandi. Brandi wanted to know if I could come with Mom and Hailee to bring her home and stay at their house to babysit the kids while she went to visit some mutual friends of ours. After she got back, we would have a girl's night and I would spend the night. I said sure, so after quickly getting ready, Mom, Hailee, and I headed out the door to go to the library and then to Brandi's.
I hung out with the kids all afternoon, alternating between playing on the swing set and hanging out on a couch with a movie. Alahna had had a late night over at cousin Kyla's and was consequently very tired and emotional,  so we kept it low key.
We watched Hook!

"Jack Attack" watching Hook with his special blanket. Notice Hailee's foot made it in to the picture?
Alahna and Hailee.

I fed them dinner, and then we went back to the couch to watch some Little House on the Prairie episodes I had just picked up from the library that morning. Brandi  has been reading through the books with the kids. They enjoyed seeing all the characters brought to life, although they did notice and comment on the differences in the events of the show. I was loving getting to snuggle up next to my almost two-year-old nephew, Cooper.
While we were watching it, Brandi got home! She sat on the couch with us to finish the episode, and then we played with the kids for a while. We had a little scare here, when Brandi thought she had broken her ankle, but thankfully she did not.
After all five kids were in bed, we hung out and watched Mom's Night Out together. It was pretty funny!
The next day, Mom picked me up at Brandi's church and brought me home, where we live streamed this week's sermon. (My dad had to fix the lawnmower before the weekend was over, so we weren't able to go to church.)
For a couple of hours, I just relaxed. And then, my friend, Allie, came over to spend the night.
You may remember my prayer requests for "Sky Guy", her little brother. He came home about a week ago, but had to go back up to the hospital for something on Monday, so Allie came over to hang out with us during that.
We had a fun afternoon and evening together!
The next day, we ate pancakes and then packed lunches and loaded up in the van to drive to meet some friends at a Compassion Change the Story event.
The tour was really well done. There were two stories, one of a boy in Bolivia and one of a girl in Uganda. We each got a pair of headphones and a device, and heard their stories told in our ears as we went through rooms which recreated the sights and sounds of each part of the story. As we went through, we saw how Compassion sponsorship changed their lives!
Afterwards, we went to a park to eat lunch with friends.

I only have one sad little picture, which Natalie opted out of. *sigh*
It was pretty amazing!

One last thing- I wanted to share the Compassion 404 Forgotten Project. Basically, all this means is you customize what shows up when someone clicks a broken link on your site.
This is what it looks like:

Here's the code. You copy and paste it, and then go to settings on your blog dashboard. Under search preferences, find custom page not found. Then click edit, paste in the code, and click save. Now you have an awesome, hopefully life-changing, error page! Cool, huh? The above instructions are for blogger; unfortunately, I do not know how to do it for other platforms, but I'm sure you could find out by going to the site I linked too, or you could Google it. :)
If you would like to see what this looks like on my blog, click here.
<iframe src="" width="100%" height="650" frameborder="0"></iframe>   
Well, that's finally a wrap! Have fantastic rest of the week everyone. :)

P.S. thanks to Morning, I now have a blog button!

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