Friday, March 6, 2015

Fandom Friday: BBC Merlin + Disney

It's finally time for a new Fandom Friday post!
I just finished watching BBC Merlin a month or so ago, and came across some fan videos which used Disney music. The effect is priceless! I just HAD to share some. :)
This one is one of my favorites! Merlin "When Will My Life Begin?"
Arhur just can't wait to be king!
Arthur and Gwen-You'll Be In My Heart. I loved watching these two-a prince and a servant-fall in love. I love how the first thing Arthur loved about Gwen was her ability to speak her mind to him.
  Morgana-Let it Go. This one was surprisingly heartbreaking! I almost cried. (Although the picture here is a bit weird...) and their is a not-so-good word in the quote at the end...sorry about that.)
There are many others, but I doubt any of you are even going to watch one of these, but I dare you too!
I have to put in a few quotes from the show I really love before I sign off.

  "Why can't you?"
 "Because nothing can ever happen between us! To admit my feelings, knowing that… hurts too much."
Having bored you to death, I will now end this post. Happy Friday everyone...and happy 7th birthday to my little niece, Kyla.
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  1. YAY! Fandom Friday is back! I missed it. I thought I would let you know that I got something in the mail from Compassion International yesterday, and I am going to be writing to a 9 year old girl named Casiddy. :) I thought that I would tell you!! I am really excited to write to her!!!

    1. Hi, Shelby! I missed posting it, I just never got around to doing it on Fridays.:)
      Oh, how exciting!!! Where is she from? Do you have a picture? :D

    2. She is from Columbia! Yes, I do have a picture of her. I will post it on my blog soon so that you can see her. :) I am so excited!!! :D

    3. That's awesome!!!! I'm tempted to request a second child, but maybe a girl. :)

  2. Oh my goodness this is so sad! I nearly cried! I miss Merlin so much!!!! Why did it finish? Why???? (sorry for slight over reaction)
    Simi @
    PS Your blog is awesome (or blogsome)!

    1. I KNOW!! It's such a good show! But that ending...*is unable to continue, clears throat* I just finished watching it on Netflix. Twice. Once by myself, and once with my family. So good, so amazing, and so sad!
      Aww thanks! I can't wait to check yours out. :)

    2. Thanks! I know, I loved Merlin so much and we would watch it every Saturday. Then Atlantis sort of replaced it but it's definitely not as good as Merlin. Do you watch Atlantis?

    3. Yeah it's ok but it's going really dark and spooky... It's about Jason who comes from the future and it's set in Atlantis, the city that was lost underwater.


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