Sunday, March 1, 2015

Excerpt from Book I'm Writing

Ni Hao! (Hello.) I just started writing on a book again for "the first time in ever"! I thought I'd share a short excerpt from it.
I think I have decided on a title, but am not entirely sure yet. Hopefully, I'll persevere and actually FINISH this one!

Well, here is just a bit of it:

Children of various ages crowd around the visitors, vying for their attention. The young husband and wife, who holds a little toddler on her hip, smile and struggle to give equal attention to each of the children. Excited little voices echo through the halls outside the room.

But one voice remains silent, one face refuses to be lit by a smile. A young girl, of perhaps 6 years, sits alone in the corner of the room, head bent, hiding her face with her knees. To her,  
it doesn’t matter there are visitors. They will leave again, and things will go back to the way they always are. She has seen it happen before. Other children, like the little girl held in the arms of the woman, will walk out of the doors of this building to go home with their parents to brothers and sisters, friends, love...and she will remain. Uncared for. The one who is always yelled at for being a sick, useless little girl, and will be until the day she dies in most likely a year or so. No one will grieve over her death, because no one cares. It will most likely be considered as a lifting of a burden to no longer have the responsibility of her care.
No one will ever give her a second her heart is broken in more ways then one.
Picture taken from Google images.
**this is not the beginning, but it is a clip from the prologue. The part I posted takes place in a Chinese orphanage.**
Xie Xie for reading!



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