Saturday, February 21, 2015

Valentine's Day Celebration

Yet another picture post! I don't blame you if you don't make it all the way through. ;) But here are some pics from our Valentine's Day celebration with two of my sister Heidi's kids, Kyla (7) and Kendrick (4). So much cuteness!
Kyla's place at the table. Most of the family members tried to get each of the kids something.
Kendrick's spot. He loved his chocolate-scented stuffed bunny!
Cora's (12) spot. She wasn't able to be there, but these were taken home for her.
Kyla got the butterfly balloon, Kendrick got the monkey one, and they took the red one home for big sister Cora.

Levi and Kyla had a great time playing checkers.

Can't believe this little cutie is 4 now.

I gave Kyla her birthday present a bit early. (Her birthday's on March 6th and she's turning 7.)

She loved reading her card out loud.

It's a Rapunzel hat! (Made by Hope Eternal Enterprises.) Great job, Elisabeth! :)

She was thrilled with it...

My cute little brother and niece. <3

Isn't this hat simply amazing? And you gotta admit, the little model is adorable.

Thanks to Nama (Nana) for capturing all these pics!

Kenny being cute and Levi being an owl.


I have such talented friends; Elisabeth made the Rapunzel and Minion hats, and my other friend Cassie made Levi's owl hat.

Kyla asked Papa to play checkers with her, and how could he say no to this little princess? It was so cute and they had so much fun.

Time for lunch! Pancakes with berries and whipped cream were on the menu. Peanut butter was also an option.

They were so ready to finally get a good look at their gifts!

More of Levi being an owl...:)

Gotta love Kenny's smile, right? And hey, there's me in the background...probably talking to all of you or doing a blog post!

Happy to show off her reading skills again by reading another card out loud. She also volunteered to read her little brother's to him.

This kid has my heart...

By the way, I know I probably post about my nieces and nephews a lot, but that is because they are like little brothers and sisters to me, and they come into my daily life much of the time.
I found this quote, and I love it:
"If nephews and nieces are jewels, I would have the most beautiful gems ever."



  1. Awww! They're all so adorable! So glad Kyla likes the hat. :)

    1. I went to Awana tonight and Alahna was wearing her owl hat. :) She loves it!


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