Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tuesday Night Snapshots

I work with the first grade Sparks every week at Awana, and last night I decided to pull out my camera (the dumb one on my phone) and take some pictures. Here's the result! :)


Waiting in line.
My 7 year old niece, Alahna.

In action! ;)

Posing for the camera.
I usually end up talking to this little girl at some point every week.

My goofy niece, Hailee. (5 years old.)

Silly faces are always the fun part, right?

Love these three! Had to get some pics of them together to send to their mom. :)

Isn't she the cutest?
Alahna and brothers Evan and Joel, friends of ours.
 And this isn't even all the pictures I took!
Well, I'm off to my next class now. Have a great Wednesday! Here's to making it halfway through the school week. :)


Hearing from you is the highlight of my day. :)