Monday, February 9, 2015

Superbowl 2015

Here are some pics (a week late!) from Super Bowl Sunday 2015 at my Grandpa's. While the Seahawks didn't win, we still had fun. :)

I think my brothers ate a lot of candy that day! :) Not to say I didn't have my fair share...

It was all delicious!

Cookies (left) made by my mom and brownies made by my sister, Natalie.

Random pic taken by  my mom. Not the best, but it's rare that I ever LOVE a picture taken of me. :)
Tim and Dad, enjoying the game.

Yet another pic of the table!

How was your Super Bowl Sunday?



  1. Looks like so much fun! Mmmmmm I want to eat those brownies!!! :) And the flowers are so pretty! It looks like you had a very fun, relaxing day with your family. :)

    1. It was, for the most part. I did get a bit bored towards the end, but it was ok. Haha yes, they were really good! Although I think I preferred the cookies by just a bit. :)

  2. YUM!!!! I love desserts! lol
    And are those blue corn chips I spy? Those are like the only kind my mom gets! (when she gets them at all) ;)

    1. Me too! Who doesn't? 'specially the chocolate kind...;)
      My mom used to get the blue corn chips too. Now, she usually gets tortilla chips and once in a while Pirate's Booty.

      We must, according to her, be very careful what chips we get! They must be GF, of course!


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