Friday, February 6, 2015

Farewell to the Puppies!

The puppies turn 8 weeks old tomorrow, and are all going to their new homes this weekend. In fact, one already left this morning! :( We will probably end up getting to keep one for an extra week, though, so that will be fun. A few of you might be thinking, "But I thought you were keeping one!" Well, we were, but ended up deciding that this time it's best to sell them all and either keep one from the next litter, or buy one from another kennel. But my parents are giving all of us $100 a piece for helping take care of them, so that's pretty nice, right? :)
Here are some of the pictures we took last Saturday; we sent them out to their new families to announce who was getting who. Aren't they absolutely adorable and so big?!

I don't think this little one's buying this photo shoot...

So precious. <3


  1. AWWW, THEY ARE THE SWEETEST!!! And wait, you all got $100?! OMW! You could just get a job doing that! ;)

    1. I'd have to agree with you there! They're our sweet Valentine pups. <3
      I know right! I'm pretty happy about that. With the last 3 litters, Mom and Dad were going to give us each something but it never worked out. So they decided to go ahead and do it this time. I'm think I'm good with that! ;)


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