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Fandom Friday: LotR 30 Questions (Part 1)

I got the idea for doing a Fandom Friday every week (or so is the dream) from the blog Saved by Grace and I am excited to begin it today! I'm going to start today with an LotR 30 Day Challenge post, answering 15 of the questions today and the other half next week. So here I go!

 Favorite film? I love all three of these movies so much, but I'm going to have to say The Two Towers. It has many of my favorite scenes in it. Beings that it is the middle of the three movies, you don't have to wait for the adventure to build up at all, and yet don't have to deal with some of the emotions of the final movie. (Not to say The Two Towers doesn't have emotions of it's own!)
It includes my favorite speech ever...
credit for both edits goes to Anna Beane (@In Anna's Middle Earth)
Favorite battle? As well done as all of the battles are (I love the battle at Helm's Deep a lot, too) I must say my favorite is the final Battle at the Black Gate. The depth of feeling is so touching, and the whole scene is very well done. And Aragorn's speech-it never fails to bring me near tears.
(I'm using another one of your edits +Anna Beane.)

Favorite character? I'll skip my whole rant about how much I hate this question and tell you Aragorn is my over all favorite! There are so many qualities  I love about him-his courage and strength, how he cares for others (he was so gentle with Eowyn, even though he did not love her back), his determination, his humility, and so much more. He is such an amazing character.
Scene that makes you cry? There are so many of these-I have already mentioned Sam's speech in The Two Towers and Aragorn's at the Black Gate. The scene when Boromir dies...when Pippin realizes that Merry isn't coming with him...when Frodo tells Sam to go home...I could go on and on. How on (middle) earth am I supposed to only answer with one?!
Scene that makes you laugh? The scene where Boromir plays with Pippin and Merry. When Pippin and Merry set off the firecracker. When Sam gets caught eavesdropping. When Legolas and Gimli are counting their kills. And, of course, "Don't tell the Elf!"
Ugliest Orc? I'm not very good about keeping the Orcs straight...all I know is, they're all ugly!
Favorite antagonist? This is going to sound weird, but the Nazgûl...they're kind of cool in a creepy way.
Gondor or Rohan? Rohan. This post is getting long, so I won't go into detail, but definitely Rohan!:)
Favorite Hobbit? I love Pippin, Merry, Sam, and Frodo all so much! It's hard to say, but I'm going to have to go with Frodo, Sam coming in at a close second. They were both so courageous to travel far from home on a dangerous quest to save everything and everyone they loved. Yes, Frodo did whine at times...but not nearly as much as I would! And he was incredibly strong to the Ring's influence, compared to most people. And Sam-what an amazing friend he is! We all need a Sam in our lives, I think. :)
The Hobbits-collage by Anna Beane.
OTP? Faramir and Eowyn-they're so perfect together! Don't you agree? <3

yet another edit by Anna!

 Favorite BROTP? I've already mentioned Frodo and Sam, so I guess I will just say Pippin and Merry. They are so funny, but more than that, they really are like twins in how they care for each other. I love them!

Guess who made this one? ;)
Favorite location? This one's a tossup between The Shire and Rivendell...I love both so much! But I'm going to have to go with Rivendell. It's absolutely beautiful and peaceful. I would love to live there!
Favorite weapon? Bow and arrow! (Not one in particular.)
Favorite outfit? I love all of Arwen's outfits!
Favorite armor? I don't's all awesome! :)
And with that lame answer, I conclude part 1. What were your answers? It was a lot of fun writing this post!
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