Thursday, January 15, 2015

Christmas with Marchewitz Family

I guess I said I was going to post pictures of our Christmas celebration with my brother-in-law, Micah, and his kids...and I never did! Well, better late then never, right? Here they are!

Group pics! Top: Tim and Natalie. Bottom left to right: Noah, Kendrick (4), Levi, Me, Kyla (almost 7), and Cora (12).

Cheesy grins!
Silly faces!
Cora opening a gift.
Kenny-isn't he adorable! <3
Watching Cora open a gift.

Kenny's turn!

So excited!

Yay! a special Christmas mug and hot chocolate.
Kyla says, "Finally! It's my turn."

Let's get this thing open!

It's a jump rope! Thanks, Uncle Tim!
Cora got another gift.

A Christmas mug, chocolate, and some hot cocoa! Mmm

Playin' with my ribbon twirler from my favorite uncle!

Puppy! Please, Dad, can I take it home?

Levi getting in on some of the puppy love.

Cinderella, dressed in yellow, went upstairs...

Dallas keeping an eye on everybody...'specially her pups!

 There you are! Finally finished up with my Christmas posts. Out with the old (2014) and in with the new!


  1. Looks like lots of fun! =) A second Christmas!! =)

    1. Exactly! Except I guess it was sort of our third or fourth Christmas. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Lol, Tabby, me too! The hat was actually my Christmas gift to Noah. My friend, Elisabeth, made it. She makes really cute hats and donates a percentage to orphan care...I always have a hard time deciding whether to order from her or Cassie. :)


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