Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Stable

I just finished rereading The Chronicles of Narnia series for the billionth time, and while I was reading The Last Battle, I came across a quote I just love and had to share it. It seems to fit the Christmas season perfectly.

There was a stable, and everyone thought something horrid was inside, but no one knew what. When King Tirian came inside, it turned out to be a land-a beautiful land, where he met Eustace, Jill, Lucy, and all the others. After a time, he noticed a random door standing in the field. When he asked Peter what it was, Peter said to look through the keyhole. When he did so, he could see again the dark night and the fire he had left behind. Here is the part I wanted to share:

"He looked round again and could hardly believe his eyes. There was the blue sky overhead, and grassy country spreading as far as he could see in every direction, and his new friends, all round him , laughing.
"'It seems, then,' said Tirian, smiling himself, 'that the Stable seen from within and the Stable seen from without are two different places.'
"'Yes," said Lord Digory, 'it's inside is bigger than it's outside.'
"'Yes,' said Queen Lucy. 'In our world, too, a Stable once had something inside it that was bigger than our whole world.'
"It was the first time she had spoken, and from the thrill in her voice, Tirian now knew why. She was drinking everything in even more deeply than the others. She had been to happy to speak."

A scene from The Nativity Story movie.
an illustration from the book The Last Battle.


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