Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Piano Guys & Gift Wrapping

Some of you already know this, but earlier this week my sister Natalie and I went to a concert by the Piano Guys! It was awesome. :) We went with some friends of ours, the Keens, along with two friends of theirs. During the long drive, there was hilarious lip syncing to the song "Oh Holy Night", and we listened to one of  The Piano Guy's CDs and got all pepped up. Before the concert, we stopped for some delicious Chinese food, and then we finally went to our destination.
The concert was amazing! Some of the songs I had already heard and it was so exciting to hear them done in person! Among these were Frozen with Vivaldi's Winter, How Great Thou ArtStory of My Life, Oh Come, Emmanuel, Charlie Brown Medley (during which they pulled out a Charlie Brown Christmas tree), and I think some others that aren't coming to mind. They also did a couple of really cool numbers where the whole crew came out and they opened up the grand Piano and played songs together, kind of like this one. It was really cool! There were several other amazing songs they did!
One the way home, we watched Toy Story 3-I think I forgot that I actually do enjoy that movie. :)  We got back to the Keen's house pretty late, but it was worth it. Although it was a lot of fun, I was ready to go home the next day!
Yesterday, my sister Brandi and her kids came over and we did some gift wrapping. It felt so good to get it done! I only have Noah's gift left to wrap, since it's not here yet.
 It's kind of a tradition in our family to do our wrapping with Brandi. And it's one of my favorites.
Here's a couple of pics of me and my second to youngest nephew, Jack (yeah, I know, my hair's a mess. But I figured this post needed at least two or three pictures with it.!)

Jackson-I couldn't for the life of me get him to just smile! Oh, well, I like it better this way-it shows his personality! He cracks me up. :)

Selfie with my Jack Attack!
Isn't he adorable??

We had a great time together, playing "house" with my nieces, Alahna and Hailee, getting to cuddle my youngest nephew, Cooper (which always makes my day), and the boys had a blast playing with their buddy, Kyran.
After they left, my mom and dad both had company, and Natalie and I both still had a couple of gifts left to wrap, so we went back to our room and finished wrapping while watching A Christmas Carol for the second time this month. It's our favorite. :)
It was a great day (and yes, I did get some school done, in spite of it all!). I can't wait to for the first time really be able to give gifts to everyone! Babysitting does pay off...
Our next adventure is coming up in about 4 hours and 48 minutes...Natalie and I are going to go see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies with some friends. I can't wait!

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