Sunday, December 28, 2014

The 2014 Challenge

I know I still have Christmas part 4 to post, but I wanted to go ahead and do this 2014 Challenge, just for fun!

1.) Oh, there are so many! +Elisabeth Sullivan +Anna Beane (well, really all three of the Beane sisters)  +Tabby Hollowell +Payton Stitzer +Clara Oswald  and oh so many more I don't have time or space to list! Love you all, though. :)
2.) Oh, let's see...
Favorite movies-The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (I didn't get to see it till a couple of months ago) and The Battle of the Five Armies. There are others, but my brain's a bit fuzzy right now.
TV Shows-Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Merlin, BBC Sherlock
Books-I read several new books this year, but most of them you wouldn't recognize. But I did read The Hunger Games trilogy, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, reread Narnia and am working through The Hobbit and LotR again.
3.) a consistent babysitting job?
4. I plead the 5th, lol. :)
5. Spending the night at a friend's, going to see the 3rd Hobbit movie and the Piano Guys concert, and many more!
6. My kindle reader...but it's ok! I have a kindle fire now. ;)
7.) That I need to take time to play with my brothers (still not good at that one), that I'm not always as respectful to my parents as I should be, and much more!
8.) Wonderful times spent with my family

That's a wrap! My answers were terrible, lol! Oh, well. :)
What were your answers?

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