Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Part 2 of our Christmas pics...Christmas Day! :)

We helped put on a dinner at our church for the homeless in the area. It was pretty fun. :)

Kitchen workers.

The tables all set up.

Didn't they do a beautiful job with the decorations?

Natalie, our friend, Chloe, and me.

Dad figuring out the technical stuff, as usual!

More kitchen fun!



Somebody put chocolate on the piano keys...

Natalie and Chloe at the piano.

One of the tables

Starting to fill up in here.


Notice the boy on the left in the blue sweatshirt? Noah wasn't the only one wearing a minion hat!

 There- part 2 is complete! Hope you enjoyed. :) One of my favorite parts was when our youth pastor's son kept letting go of his balloon and coming up to me and begging me to go get it. lol! He's a pretty cute 2 year old. :)

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