Sunday, December 28, 2014

The 2014 Challenge

I know I still have Christmas part 4 to post, but I wanted to go ahead and do this 2014 Challenge, just for fun!

1.) Oh, there are so many! +Elisabeth Sullivan +Anna Beane (well, really all three of the Beane sisters)  +Tabby Hollowell +Payton Stitzer +Clara Oswald  and oh so many more I don't have time or space to list! Love you all, though. :)
2.) Oh, let's see...
Favorite movies-The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (I didn't get to see it till a couple of months ago) and The Battle of the Five Armies. There are others, but my brain's a bit fuzzy right now.
TV Shows-Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Merlin, BBC Sherlock
Books-I read several new books this year, but most of them you wouldn't recognize. But I did read The Hunger Games trilogy, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, reread Narnia and am working through The Hobbit and LotR again.
3.) a consistent babysitting job?
4. I plead the 5th, lol. :)
5. Spending the night at a friend's, going to see the 3rd Hobbit movie and the Piano Guys concert, and many more!
6. My kindle reader...but it's ok! I have a kindle fire now. ;)
7.) That I need to take time to play with my brothers (still not good at that one), that I'm not always as respectful to my parents as I should be, and much more!
8.) Wonderful times spent with my family

That's a wrap! My answers were terrible, lol! Oh, well. :)
What were your answers?

Christmas with More Family

Christmas celebration and gift exchange with my sister Brandi and her husband and five kids was a BLAST!

Group pics! Left to right: Me, Cooper, Alahna, Hailee, Natalie, Kyran, Tim, Jackson, Levi, and Noah. Quite the crowd, huh?:)

Notice the funny expressions of Kyran, Jackson, and Levi? ;)



Levi and Kyran

Hailee and Alahna

They loved their new sign for their room from Papa and Nama!

Jackson opening a gift.

Cooper (20 months) getting some help from Auntie Natalie with opening his gift.

Kyran opening his new camouflage Mohawk hat from Papa and Nama.

He was excited to get new nerf bullets!

Noah and Levi got new Ninja Turtle notebooks and playdough, while Natalie, Tim, and I got Starbucks gift cards from Kevin and Brandi. Thank you both! :)

Notice the hole in my jeans? *sigh* Oh, well...look instead at my Hobbit shirt! lol:)

Brandi loving on Tessa Mae, our Golden Retriever.

Kevin, Brandi, and Cooper

Kyran and Jackson opening a gift.

It was a bit busy in there!

Jackson got right to work with his new gift.

Jackson opening his Ninja Turtle pajamas I got him.

Hailee opening the doll she got which is almost exactly like the one I got her cousin Kyla.

Cutie pie!

Daddy and Jackson sleeping

Cooper fell asleep on Daddy later, too.

Tired out!

There, finished with part 3! I think I have just one part left, I believe. I'll be done boring you soon! ;)
Have a wonderful afternoon!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Part 2 of our Christmas pics...Christmas Day! :)

We helped put on a dinner at our church for the homeless in the area. It was pretty fun. :)

Kitchen workers.

The tables all set up.

Didn't they do a beautiful job with the decorations?

Natalie, our friend, Chloe, and me.

Dad figuring out the technical stuff, as usual!

More kitchen fun!



Somebody put chocolate on the piano keys...

Natalie and Chloe at the piano.

One of the tables

Starting to fill up in here.


Notice the boy on the left in the blue sweatshirt? Noah wasn't the only one wearing a minion hat!

 There- part 2 is complete! Hope you enjoyed. :) One of my favorite parts was when our youth pastor's son kept letting go of his balloon and coming up to me and begging me to go get it. lol! He's a pretty cute 2 year old. :)