Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Short Description

Hello! I had to write a short description for school, so I decided I may as well post it here. Hope you enjoy it. :)

She walked quickly through the store. Her dark hair was swept back from her face, and her crystal blue eyes took everything in at once. Even her steps were business like, calculated. The cart she pushed seem to fly through the store…yet, the woman did not run. Her steps were long strides, as she was very tall. The rush-hour atmosphere of Black Friday did not seem to transmit itself to her. She calmly made her way down each aisle, stopping briefly to pull what she needed from the shelves. Besides, why would she need to hurry too quickly? There was something about her that caused people to simply move out of her way. It did not take her long to accomplish her mission at this store. She was soon heading through the door.

Thus far, however, there is something I have overlooked in my description of this woman; the child she pushed in the cart. As they entered into the harsh wind, the woman allowed a smile to creep over her face. “You were such a good boy, Jeremy. Thank you!”

The little boy, of perhaps two, grinned. “Yay! Did you get Daddy’s present?” he asked in a babyish lisp.

“Yes, Dear, I did. I think he will love it.”

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