Tuesday, November 25, 2014

One Gift Can Touch Thousands

Imagine that your children are hungry, but you have no food to give them. The filth and emptiness of their small bodies runs deeper than surface level—they have no hope for this life or the next. Your poverty weighs heavily on your shoulders, and aches deep in your soul. Will tomorrow hold anything beyond hunger and filth and emptiness?

We have to imagine these things, but many families live through this kind of poverty every day.

Imagine if a local pastor was able to give this same family a pair of chickens in the name of Christ. They represent more than just a simple gift – the chickens will provide nourishment and income for the family, and give them hope of a different future! And it’s all because of someone named Jesus.

Through GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog, over 100,000 families in South Asia have been blessed with life-changing gifts like chickens, goats, and sewing machines. These gifts meet tangible needs and lift families out of poverty. Many people have embraced the love of Christ as a result, because of His love extended through people like you! Browse the catalog online here: www.gfa.org/gift, or order a physical copy here: www.gfa.org/gift/order.

One Rickshaw Changed Many Lives-and so can you!
 In 2008, a simple rickshaw was ordered from Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalog in hopes of displaying God’s love and providing much-needed income. But in the six years since, thousands have heard the Good News through that one gift! Read the story here: http://www.gfa.org/news/articles/rickshaw-rides-that-changed-lives/

If you would like to display Gospel for Asia's Christmas catalog on your blog, you can get a link for the code here.

Lastly, I would highly recommend the free book No Longer a Slumdog by K.P. Yohannan which I believe you can order for free. If you have heard of Francis Chan, you may like to know that he wrote the forward for this book.

This is my first time actually doing a Blog for Asia post, so I hope it actually made sense! Have a wonderful afternoon, everyone!


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