Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MMC (11/17/14)


The fire crackled. It was the only source of light and sound for miles and miles of dark forest.  I had achieved my purpose. My family was safe-my mother and my younger brother were out of harm’s way. I should have been glad for that bit of comfort, and I suppose I was, in a way. But saving them had been a great sacrifice. My whole life was gone in an instant, devoured by fire like the one I stared at now. The home where I spent my childhood had been lost to me. The one by the lake with the swing I used to push my little brother, Tommy, on. Where other campfires had been held, these ones lit in the company of dear friends and family. Escaping and saving my family had been my only goal for the last month. And finally, that dream had been accomplished. Now, my brother had a chance at a good life, with friends, education, and maybe one day a wife and children of his own. But I had lost the only things that truly mattered to me. My family.

A year ago, when this all began, it had been what I worked for, what I dreamed of. However, the more the pieces began to fit together, the more terrified I became.

Finally, what I had always wanted was going to happen. But would it be the fulfillment of my dream…or the beginning of a nightmare?

The latter had proven to be true. I was now entangled in a living prison of my own making, bound by shackles I could not break. Shackles which prevented me from ever having any chance at happiness.

But at least I had saved them.

285 words. I used all three of the word prompts and the phrase prompt.

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