Monday, November 10, 2014


The wailing winds of the dark forest fueled his inner turmoil. How could he have done this to those who had only ever loved him? Why hadn’t he trusted the man and woman who had taken him in when no one else would? He had taken the word of a woman over theirs. Simply because she was pretty. She had left him, and even then he had not gone back. He was too ashamed. And now…now it was too late. An hour ago the messenger had arrived, breathlessly banging on the door.

Your mother is dying, he said. You must go to her.

The horse seemed to be flying, it so rarely touched the ground. But it was not fast enough for the anxious man who sat upon it.

“Please, God, don’t let it be too late. Forgive me, Mama. I love you.


One small, white hand he held in his own. On the other side of the bed his father held the other. Though his mother’s breath was labored, she appeared peaceful.

“I’m so sorry, Papa, Mama,” he was crying. “I should never have left you. You were right, Alice never loved me. I know because…you do. That’s real love. And I found a woman who truly cares for me too. Oh, Mama!”

“It’s alright, Robbie,” whispered the woman in the bed. “You were forgiven long ago, when we first read the note. You are our son, and no matter what you do, that won’t change.”

He squeezed her hand tighter as the burden of guilt rolled away. “I know.”

This is 261 words and I used the word and dialogue prompts. I know it's not great, but it's practice and I'll get better. I have not been good about writing lately, so this is very helpful!:)

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