Monday, November 10, 2014

Blogs You Should Follow

Here's a list of my favorite blogs. :)

This blog is run by the same girl who owns the above blog (Reflections of the Heart). Everlasting Hope is connected to Hope Everlasting Enterprises, a ministry which sells handmade hats and a few other things to raise money for orphan ministry.
 Concerning Fandoms

My sister Natalie and I are both authors on this fun blog created by our friend, Tabby!:)

Kwant Clan Crafts

This site was created in loving memory of Hannah Grace Kwant (12/07/10-2/08/11), who lived 64 days with full Trisomy 18, also known as Edwards Syndrome. Her sisters sewed her skirts and more because she was so tiny she couldn't fit in many store bought clothes. My friend Cassie, Hannah's sister, does a beautiful job on the things she sells in Hannah's memory! You can see pictures of some of the things I and others have bought from her on her Happy Customers page.

Exploring Classic British Literature

 There you go! I know I'm missing blogs, but it's hard to remember everyone's! If I follow your blog and forgot to put it on here, please comment my mistake. :) Thanks for reading!

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